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Vintage Motorcycle Performance and Design
Our Services
Full Performance Machine and Welding Shop
Pride in Our Work
 When it comes to service, we pride ourselves as an all inclusive performance shop. We will work with you to enhance, improve, and modify your motorcycle to your desired outcome. Our primary focus is customizing Vintage Motorcycles. In addition to custom work, we can also perform routine maintenance on any motorcycle.
  1. Vintage Modifications
    We'll happily help you modify your vintage or classic bike. Whether it's for Vintage racing or just a new look, we can modify any European, Japanese, or American Motorcycle.
  2. Custom Fabrication
    Our Fabrication abilities extend from custom Exhaust Systems to Body Modifications. Our one-off designs have used around the world.
  3. Chassis Design
    Colvin Motorcycle Company provides chassis design, improvements, and enhancements. Performance engineering allows us to service clients in the United States and Overseas.
  4. Dyno Performance
    Our state of the art Dyno machine can measure all performance upgrades. Your bike will receive a baseline analysis prior to any performance upgrade. Only then can we truly measure the progress each bike receives.
  5. Engine Building
    If your bike needs some serious modification, or if it has had a significant mechanical failure, we can repair or enhance your engine. From upper end service to a complete rebuild, we provide the expertise to complete your project the right way.
  6. Suspension Performance
    In addition to standard suspension modifications , Colvin Motors designs and modifies vintage racing suspension.
  7. Welding
    The welding shop maintains a full line of TIG and MIG machines. Our Certified Welders ensure each project holds up to our critical standards.
  8. Machine Shop
    Our Machine Shop ensures proper fit for all our performance modifications. Our technical and mechanical expertise check and recheck each modification.
  9. Racing Design
    Born and raised in the racing community, Colvin Motorcycle Company continues to race and fabricate racing equipment. We design Vintage and Modern racing platforms.